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About Radio XALAAT
Radio XALAAT was founded in 2003 by a Senegalese immigrant, Mr Elhadji Ndiaye, to address an unmet need among members of the African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee communities in the greater Philadelphia area who experienced difficulties accessing healthcare and social services due to cultural, geographic, linguistic, and other barriers. 

Radio XALAAT is a weekly broadcasted program geared to the Afro- Caribbean born immigrants primarily.

​Due to cultural differences, many Afro-Caribbean are faced with social issues that are not addressed on general radio programs. Radio XALAAT confronts these issues and works towards understanding the needs of these people. Radio “XALAAT” has a long history of serving these populations and has been at the forefront of developing creative and culturally-appropriate programs to address their needs. 

The African family is not only composed of the nuclear family-mother, father, and children- but also the extended family. Those who find their way to the states are burdened with the responsibility of supporting families composed of fifteen members or more. Our radio program brings these types of issues to light. We try to make our listeners understand that they are not alone in their efforts. 

Many of our listeners from Francophone countries are limited to their understanding of the English language. It has come to our attention that these people make up over half of our listening population. Radio XALAAT is broadcasted in French, English, and Wolof allowing our listeners to understand and be able to take part in all discussions.

Radio XALAAT is used as an avenue to support those who have either just arrived or those who have been in the states for years. Our program has also been very successful in connecting its listeners to immigration, legal services, medical and social services. Many of our listeners are not aware of their legal right nor do they know whom to contact when faced with visa or immigration services. We have connected many people in need of legal assistance to companies with representatives that are able to communicate with them in French, Wolof and many other languages; allowing them to understand the law in their own languages.